Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Mornin'

Good Mornin', Good Mooorrrrrnin', It's fun to stay up late, Good Mornin', Good Mornin' to you.

Okay.. you can't hear me sing that as I type it.. but it is a song from Singin' in the Rain.
John Brown University is doing a production and Noah has a tiny, tiny part so we have been up there this evening watching a dress rehearsal. We loved it. The cast is very good. Caleb is loyal and said he loved Noah's part the best. (yeah little brother). The girls were just delighted and would like to see it again. So.. maybe I can talk someone into staying at tomorrow's rehearsal too..
hhmmmm we'll see.
If you live here in town... I would recommend it. The kids have put an incredible amount of work into it. The costumes are fabulous and there are several changes for almost every character. They(the cast) are truly getting a shot at "real" theatre. Lots of fun.

My kids have been to a plethora of different performances and gave a pretty decent critique I thought. (Knowing who the stand out performers were and why.) Interestingly, both girls said that if they were given the opportunity to do this show... they would want to be Lena Lamont... the "mean" girl... not the cutesie lead.

Okay.. that's all for tonight. Like the song says.. We talked the whole night through...
I can't afford to do that so I must go. We'll talk soon?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mommy Habit

My dear friend Mrs. Judie gave me several (5 or 6) long, linen Mommy dresses (from the 90's).
I think Oprah called them Mommy Mall dresses. They have no waist and are full length. I wouldn't say they "do" anything for my figure.. but I am not all that thrilled with my figure anyway. I wasn't sure at first if I was going to keep them. I thought my teenage daughter would have a fit. She loves What Not to Wear and I know Staci and Clinton would throw them out!
I wasn't even sure my mom would like them... but here is the deal, they are VERY comfortable.

These dresses have no tight fitting waist to bother me. I have always loved dresses, particularly long ones. In the winter I can put a long sleeve t-shirt underneath and warm wooly socks. In the summer I could wear them with sandals. So... I thought, I would try them out and see how people reacted.

The first one was plaid. My mom and Bekah both hated it. Brian was okay. He likes me in a dress... even a big sack of one. Okay... I tried another one on. It is a slightly different style.. still big and sort of sacklike but no one screamed in terror. Today I tried a third and again.. not so bad.

Why am I wearing these dresses??? Well... it is more than mere comfort. Like I said , I have always liked long dresses and so I feel very feminine in them. I struggled for a moment with the fact that they are somewhat out of style.. but, we are a society that screams, "Go GREEN!" We are supposed to recycle and reuse! Jut not when it comes to fashion. Does that strike anyone else as a contradiction?? I am supposed to buy a NEW, GREEN t-shirt made from hemp or organic cotton (or whatever type of clothing). How about wearing the ones I already own?? These dresses are linen and they are in excellent condition. There is still much life in them.
I could give them to good will for someone else to buy and wear... or... just wear them myself.

Here is the other factor. My sister-in-law is a Sister. She is a Dominican Sister in Nashville. She wears a full habit all of the time. It is the clothing of her order. The sisters wear habits because each piece is symbolic somehow. They also wear habits to be recognizable and also to make things simple. I have been testing the idea that these dresses are somehow a Mommy habit. I don't have to think about what to wear or how I look. Those of you who know me (and all of you who are reading this do) know that I usually wear capris and a t-shirt. A few years ago my "mommy habit" was overalls and shirts. Before that jeans and t-shirts. I even had a year where I only got out of flannel pants for church. (Not particularly proud of that.. but that is where I was at that time.. so... ) I love the idea of being a "put together" mom. I don't always pull that off although I think I have been doing better lately. Still... even my former priest told me I was frumpy. I don't want to wear the dresses to BE frumpy... I just really like them. I like the way they feel and I somehow like the idea of them. I like the idea of a mommy habit.. and the fact is.. my jeans just aren't so comfortable these days.

This doesn't mean you will only see me in a long dress... but, the fact is.. you might see me in one. At first I promised to only wear them around the house. I have since worn them (gasp) to town. This could be a fad with me.. or it could last. The good news is that I AM trying to fix my hair and wear a little make-up and jewelry. (that helps with the "put together" part.)

So, now you know the story. When you see me and wonder... why on earth is she wearing that?? You will know. I am just in my "habit".

Monday, October 13, 2008

What we did today....

We are trying to do some art history... and the beginning of art history is monoliths and stonehenge and the Easter Island statues.
I found a great website with information about the island. The kids all did the reading and then we or actually they made Easter Island statues. We used soft green floral foam that the kids carved and then spray painted. I think they look amazing!

Katie was talking to a friend today and she was gushing about school... the science experiment we did and the art activity. We did poetry at lunch. So even though our day was somewhat unconventional... lots of learning took place. For that I am thankful.

I am learning

Okay... so I am starting to make changes to my blog. This background is not my own design, but it was free and is quite lovely I believe. I am learning to make a few subtle changes and I love that.
I think this goes along with my post about the need to create. Unfortunately, what I need to create now is supper for my family. So... I am off. I hope you like the new changes but don't be surprised if I change again. I hope to post more pictures too.. and dazzle and amaze you with my intellect and wit... he he! Til then...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I did it

I did it. I just got in my car and drove to Tontitown yesterday. I didn't panic and I didn't once think, " I can't do this." I DID make sure that I had a good place to turn left (at a light). I did park in the " wrong", meaning further away, parking lot because that was where I came in by turning at the light, but still... I did it.

Why, you may ask, is this a big deal?? Because I hate to drive. I have never liked it. I was the odd teenager who didn't really want to drive. I drove my little brother around only until he could drive and then he drove me. I didn't have a car at college (and I was okay with that.) Brian drove a standard and I only drove it twice the entire time he owned it!

When we moved here to Siloam I knew I would have to drive. Brian got me a minivan and it sat in the driveway for at least a week before I even got in. I said, "Thanks honey, but who is going to drive it?"

Now, I drive a big ole' honkin' suburban. It is huge... and I do alright. Especially around town.
Still... the kids will tell you.. I have been know to drive out of my way to make a right turn instead of turning left. Also, until recently, I hadn't driven to Springdale. I now can drive to the Jones Center and back. (wahoo!) I haven't yet tackled Fayetteville or Rogers though. I did drive to Bentonville once when I was on Jury duty.

So... why then, for a girl who hates to drive so much, do I find myself in the car so often?? FOUR KIDS. Need I say more?
Still, Trish gets the prize because she is out and about several times a day to take her kiddos to band. Bless you Trish.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The need to create

From the beginning of time...... okay, so maybe not the beginning, well, yes..
From the beginning of time, man has had the need to create. (Not Procreate... that is another blog entirely) but to create. Form is indeed important along with function. Egyptians made beautifully painted urns and pots etc.., even when the African people were kept as slaves in America they made beautiful pieced quilts. Women and men have always had a NEED to express themselves artistically in the things they have created. True, for a long time they only had time to make things that were necessary, but they also tried to make them beautiful.

I have discovered Etsy. Actually, Ann told me about this magical place a while back and I have just now had time (taken time) to check it out. Etsy is the Ebay for all things handmade. I checked out papergoods as that is what I create. There are a bazillion items out there. Truly.. a bazillion and yes, that IS a technical term.

I am inspired. I want to play hooky and make paper. I want to create beautiful cards and journals and notebooks. However, I didn't even get out my "stuff" until too late tonight and so only made a few goodies. But, I am thinking and planning and plotting for when next I can make more.

Instead, tonight I played games with Caleb. We are pretty busy around here as everyone is this time of year. It is way to easy to just collapse on the couch in the evening. None-the-less, I am trying to keep the t.v. off (except for Grey's and Boston Legal- my guilty pleasures!) Last night we played Jenga. Tonight we played Don't Break the Ice, the balancing moon game, and Memory. He is really fun to play with and we laughed so hard he had the hiccups.

So... I will have to wait a bit to work on my creations. But I feel fired up and passionate about what I want to do. I have always loved teaching... but this is different and oh so much fun.
What is your passion? What do you create?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Busy Day

Busy day... busy , busy day... but a good one. We have had more than our share of routine (eye) doctor and dentist visits this week. Add the chiropractor, gymnastics , soccer and facials with our Mary Kay lady (Thanks Sylvia!) and the girls went to a play (Thanks Judie for driving) and our week has been full. But, we have been productive and having as much fun as possible. My littlest guy is sick, but in such great spirits. He hasn't been able to talk for two days... which is odd. He just makes signs and whispers. He IS on the mend though and should be up and about by this weekend.

Noah, the girls and I have been twirling flag a little bit in the yard. It is absolutely amazing that I still remember as much as I do. My arms are a little sore.. but in the right places (you know the saggy part) so I figure it is good for me. Noah likes to practice and works very hard plus the weather has been so lovely. So.. I wrote a little routine to our fight song. Don't be surprised if you are forced to watch if you ever stop by. The kids are quick learners and are coming right along.

We read the Declaration of Independence out loud today. I am not sure that I had ever read the whole thing before. (Isn't that sad.) It really is powerful and well-written. (plus it uses great words like usurpation and despotism!) The kids seemed to "get it" too. We are having some really great discussions. Too often I will tell you that we aren't doing enough, that I am fearful that I am not providing enough... but this week we have had some great discussions about religion, history, art and politics. I am challenged and inspired by these topics and by my children. What a blessing that we are learning together. They have definite opinions and great ideas.

So, yes.. we have been VERY busy, but man, am I enjoying the ride!