Saturday, April 12, 2008

one more thing

Hey Joy,
If you read this... send me an invitation to your blog again, I had you bookmarked, but lost it with the old computer, then I can read all about you!!
Hi Ann, talk to you soon,
Thanks for coming over Mom,

I'm So Mad

I am so mad. And well.. upset. A woman I barely know at church is complaining and saying mean things about me.

Here's the deal. About two weeks ago, we were doing an activity in youth group... (youth group that I don't love but keep going to and planning for week after endless week). In the activity, everyone had to draw a character slip. Examples are: one year old child, professor, lawyer, captain, retired teacher etc...
All of the characters are on a boat and it is sinking. Only two thirds of the passengers can be saved.
We then had to decide who gets to live. The whole discussion is supposed to be about the sanctity of life. We had quite a good discussion I thought. I did, however, get some questions as you usually do from teens and pre-teens. One girl asked," If I have to stay behind on the sinking ship, can I ask someone to shoot me?" I tried to explain that dying of natural causes (the sinking ship) is different than taking your own life. One girl even came to the wonderful conclusion that if you took your own life then you didn't allow for a miracle. (good point). Well.... to help illustrate the point I tried to share what I believed to be the church's teaching on euthanasia. If you are gravely ill you can definitely have a DNR (do not resuscitate) order. Once, however, you start life support, you aren't supposed to pull the plug! Now, there are extreme cases where this is allowed... but the GENERAL rule is as previously stated. I didn't know exactly when it was allowed and so stayed with the general rule... hoping the children would think seriously that you can't TAKE some one's life.

ANYHOW.... I really didn't give this a second thought until tonight. Our former priest called to tell me he had spoken to this woman and that she was upset because of what I "taught". I still didn't think too much of it... until our current priest called to tell me how upset she was. Pullease... talk about an over reaction. But the worst part is.... she also said I looked pregnant.

I am sad... and mad and exhausted. Why she has it out for me, I have no clue. This does not endear her to me, however.

Ironically, I had a conversation with one of my youth group kids on Wednesday. This dear sweet girl is having a hard time with one of her old friends who is not treating her well at the moment. This particular friend has sort of moved on and left my dear sweetie behind.
My advice?? let your friend know that you are there for her if she wants to be friends and then move on. Be the sweet person you are and don't react in anger (thought that is the way you may want to react.) Be true to your own character.

There you go. My instant reaction is to be angry... raise a fuss. Quit!! Let HER run youth group, since she seems so amply qualified. Or....
recognize that whether she likes me or not... she is one of God's children, created in his image.
Regardless of how I feel about her at this moment... I don't have to react in anger. I can be true to myself and react how I choose to.... with LOVE..... okay... I am not there yet. I hear myself saying it, but I am not that evolved. How about, I just don't quit or be angry. I am not sure I am ready to show her love. I will try to still be nice to her kids though.
If she just hadn't made the crack about being pregnant!!
dear me.
well... now that you have had to listen to that, I guess I should go get ready for bed. Brian was at church tonight and so I have to take 8 children by myself in the morning.

Friday, April 11, 2008


How obnoxious will it be to write in RED???
We just got home from our Catholic Home School potluck. We are blessed to have 7 families at our church who are now homeschooling their kids. There are a terrific bunch of people and I had a really good time. The food was fabulous.
and I had TWO helpings which was wonderful... but I do want to lose weight because Brian's 20th reunion is this year... in September I think. He looks almost exactly the same as he did in high school. I didn't go to school with him but I would like to look nice. (especially if his old flames are there!!) I have always thought that he is cuter than me... but... I still have time.

I am ready to be back blogging. I have missed you my friends. It is tricky to fight the 7 children for the computer. We did get a new one... but we need Steven to help us run a cable so that we can hook them both up to the internet. I also need access to my printer again.

I am ready for school to be winding down... but we still have about 6 or 7 weeks. We are going to keep up better with some school this summer too. I am actually... gasp... going to make some lesson plans. Bekah doubts me, but Myth Busters has proven that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.. and so there is hope. (she doubts me because I am a great planner but a not- so- great- follow- througher)

Anyhow... I am tired and Brian is already in bed. So... I will close now... but I will be back soon and I did promise those pictures of superheroes. =P