Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Brother is Coming

My brother is coming... to stay for a while. He is coming with his wife and three kids and they will be staying for a month to six weeks. At first I was a bit stressed about this. I am coming to terms, however, and I think it will be okay. I believe this visit will help me solidify a routine with my own family as that is the only way I think we can make this work. My husband is extremely supportive and optimistic. The kids are becoming okay with the idea. I am planning... on how to make this the best situation possible for everyone. Routine will be key. This could be a very good thing. While I lack self-discipline... I do fine when exterior forces are at work. In other words... if things need to be done.. I get them done. So... an extra family in my house could just be the motivation I need to really do what I need to do.
My brother is coming... with his family. He really can be quite charming when he wants to be. Did I mention tho... that he is bringing his dog??

The picture is of Dylan.. . James' oldest boy.

Let it Snow

We are supposedly in for a snow day. Brian drove my car as it handles better in icy weather.
All of my to-do's have been deliciously post-poned. We wait in eager anticipation for the feathery white flakes to fall from the sky. At youth group we prayed for snow.

So.... let it snow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Juggling Act

Hi... It is extremely late and I promised Brian that I would be right there... but here I sit typing out my latest thoughts to you. I was finishing up in the kitchen after making my supper for tomorrow night as I have a fun day planned for tomorrow. A sensible me would have started much earlier. A sensible me wouldn't have spent a day reading (even though it was a good book and I DO need to have it read by Friday for discussion with my Phi's group.) A sensible me would have a routine and would do a better job getting things done. Where or where is the sensible me??

The Super Nanny solves almost every problem with a routine (and a naughty spot). But what I need is a routine. (See my blog on Goals for this year). I know what I NEED to do. So why then, it is so hard to get it done.

Things I need to do:

1. Go to bed on time and get up on time (sounds like something from Nanny McPhee)
2. Exercise (EVERY DAY -not when the mood strikes as it NEVER DOES)
3. Clean a little everyday and not let things pile up
4. Do a little laundry every day and not let things pile up
5. Teach the children
6. Read ahead all of the books that my children are reading so we can discuss them
7. Prepare lessons for the children
8. Provide healthy, well balanced, nutritionally sound meals for my family
9. Be a loving and supportive wife
10. Volunteer at my church

What I DO
1. Stay up too late trying to do all of the things I think I need to do so that I am unable to get up early.
2. Think that I NEED to exercise every day but then talk myself out of it every morning because I am too tired
3. I do clean a little everyday... but just enough to hold back the tide... the kids help and yet the dust bunnies still manage to invade. Too much stuff is partly to blame... but so am I
4. I start laundry all of the time... but then I forget to switch it over... I tend to let it go a day or two and then I have 4 loads (or nine) instead of two.
5. I do teach the children... we do okay... but not in a structured public school kind of way. I am still coming to terms with this
6. I read what I can... skim some and some I just let them tell me... Hey... they are good readers and they outnumber me!
7. Plan lessons??? okay... some, but not nearly enough. I pick GREAT books and use them, then I go with the teachable moment too.
8. ha.. I remember what vegetables are...I REALLY need to make changes here
9. I love... I support.. but I don't get up with him in the morning because I am here with YOU
10. I do volunteer at church... also discussed in another blog... I think I will be cutting back even more for a while.

I can do one or two things okay for a while... then something slides. If we are really doing well with school and the house... then the laundry goes and we eat what we can forage. (I must say... I am quite adept at making a meal out of not much..) Or... if I am really cooking and keeping up with laundry, then something else goes. I can't seem to keep all of the balls in the air.

My sweet mother-in-law would say to let the house go... and sometimes I do.. but the mess drives me insane. I also have somewhat self destructive tendencies in my staying up late to fit in my "me time" activities... blogging, stamping and reading. When I do now.. I will pay for it in the morning.

I lack self discipline. Navy seals have self discipline... I do not. Please tell me others of you struggle with this too. Brian is so good. I am a mess.

Still... I think I can be better. Where there is a will... and all that. So... I plan to make a better plan. My kids have picked up on this too. Bekah has called me on this more than once.. my plan making does not impress her. In fact it somewhat disgusts her I think... still, she is no Navy seal herself. Brian also laughs at my lists... but they work for me and I DO accomplish some of them.
I am definitely a glass half full kind of girl.

Right now I am more than half full.... of a few extra pounds. Weight loss is definitely something I need to do too... but that will have to wait (weight) for another day.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I am SOOOOOOO tired

What fun. Last night my good friend came over with four of her five children to spend the night.
They once lived nearby but have since moved a little over two hours away. We manage to get together once or twice a year for a LONG, LATE night. I am not sure who has more fun, the kids or us "girls". We stay up way too late (until 4:30 this morning) talking and then have to get up with the kids who always seem to be up early no matter how late we let them stay up!!

In addition to our eight... we had another two children to stay over too bringing our total to 10 children. I am so impressed with Moms who manage that many every day. After having "extras" around I always feel like someone is missing with just my own 4.

You may have noticed my new layout. My friend JOYOUS... told me how to get a new template and I am happy to say I did it without help from my DH.

There are tons of templates to choose from.... but I thought this one looked like me. If I could only stamp around the edges it would be perfect.

I know this is short... but I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night and I was up late and early the night before as well. It is a lot harder for me to recover from lack of sleep than it once was. That is not so subtle code for "I am getting older!"

We discussed possible college choices for my friends oldest last night... wasn't I just there myself? Times sure does fly... so enjoy every minute.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Okay... I usually blog late at night, but we just got home from a lovely dinner at Mom and Dad's . Daddy turned 65 today. So...I think I will just post one picture and I will write again tomorrow.
This picture is from My birthday I think.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Boys

Okay... I REALLY like sitting here and pondering whatever takes my fancy. I have always wanted a captive audience to write to. But.... tonight I am just learning how to navigate this blog and I am going to post some pictures of my beautiful boys. So... no brilliant thoughts, just pictures of some of my best work. Do you recognize Indiana Jones and his father?? What about Noah in his new glasses?? Pretty cute right??

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What are we called to do?

In Siloam they call it ministry. Whatever your area of volunteer work is really a type of ministry.
In the Catholic church they call it a vocation. With all groups there is much talk about what you are CALLED to do. What are we CALLED to do???

I am not really sure. I know that I love kids. I love my own kids. I love all kids really. I really love to teach. Is this my calling??? I am a pretty decent story lady. I can run a good VBS. (with my friend Joy) I was not so great at administration though. I was running our entire religious ed program for a while and to tell you the truth I HATED the paperwork. I can do it... but I don't like to do it and so I didn't enjoy it and I didn't do it all that well. I believe that supporting your staff is important and I hope I did that.. but there were many things that were less than perfect under my direction.

Right now I am the Youth Director of our parish. I don't think this is my CALLING. Why??
Well... because the kids drive me nuts. The same kids that I profess to love.. and really they are great kids but they drive me crazy. I feel OBLIGATED to continue because up til now no one has shown even the slightest interest in keeping out group going. That can't be a calling then can it??

What is your calling?? your passion?? though I don't think the two are necessarily the same unless I am performing some type of ministry by reading and stamping.. ha ha! That (reading and stamping) are my passions and teaching and learning too. I am really lucky that I get to do that with my kids.
My kids... I think that is my calling. Raising these four wonderful beings that God has blessed me with. Pray that I will have the wisdom and patience to guide them and help them to be the people God intends them to be. Hopefully, by doing that, I am becoming who HE wants me to be too.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I watched a program on T.V. tonight about modern technology and its effects on our children. The article warned the public about myspace and facebook and about how our children are spending too much time on the computer. The reporters discussed how easy it is for kids to cheat now and explained the dangers of cyber bullies.

I don't disagree with the article. I can very easily see the dangers that are present. In fact, I plan to watch even more closely what my kids do online. I also want to continue to limit their online and computer time in general. They already have to earn their time... but I have let it slide a little.

No, my question is?? what about me? Is my blogging the same thing? True, this is a more passive pursuit. Me reading blogs is just reading, right?? but composing a blog? Isn't this like a myspace account?? I can tell all about myself and post pictures etc... is there a difference?

Is there a difference?? I am trying to discern. Well, for one thing, I am not open to the public. In fact, as of this writing, only one person has the address to this blog... Hi Ann! Up til now I have been writing with the sole purpose of writing just for me. I am going to give out the address to a few friends and they will be able to read, if they choose to, my rambling thoughts. They can look at pictures. However, I am not seeking new friends through my blog and that does seem to be a real purpose for the other type of accounts.

What was extremely concerning to me was the type of pictures that these kids were posting (very provacative and in states of semi- undress) Certainly you won't see that on my blog!
The article went on to discuss the amount of time the students were spending online. I do have a life and much to do, but I do know I can easily get lost online reading my favorites and writing my own blog.

What interesting food for thought. Blogging vs. my space... moms and kids. All good or all bad or somewhere in between. It is late and I must close but I will continue to ponder this topic.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I found them

Relief... I found my blogs. Actually, they weren't that hard to find. Google is truly amazing.
I just googled them and there they were... waiting to be read by me. I feel better.
I love to read the four I read. One gal is SUCH a good writer. It is just interesting to hear about her journey. One gal is just cynical. Her wit is RAZOR sharp... and sometimes not to my taste, however, I still check her out. The other two are friends and I will always check in on them. So..there you go.

I have to go and get ready for Wednesday night. We have PRE and Youth Group tonight.
Plus Katie has we go for several hours. I have to finish my cards tonight for our swap tomorrow night... but maybe I will tell you about my amazing time-line that I constructed.
til then,

I need my BLOGS

Okay... here's the deal pickles... Brian just switched over our internet and erased all of my bookmarks and now I can't get my daily blogs in. I found Ann's-- thank goodness.. but I can't find Trish's and I can't find my Catholic girl blogs either. I need a daily dose.

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year-- New Goals

The year is 2008 and this is a year for change. Well, I actually said that at the start of the school year... but I am holding to it in this new year too. I have always been an optimist. I am definitely a glass half full kinda gal... but unfortunately, I don't always stick to my new plan, schedule, routine, etc... I am a planner, a dreamer and I can always see the possibilities. However, putting these thoughts into actions isn't always as easy as it first appears. Still,,, a friend of mine told me recently, laughingly, that she loved that I was such a dreamer and planner, because even if I didn't accomplish EVERYTHING I set out to do... my dreams are so big...that doing some is not all bad.

I just reread this small paragraph and realized I am a walking/writing if you will/ contradiction. I am talking about the year of change and then complaining about not being able to maintain or KEEP THE SAME routine. What you need to know then is that actually sticking to a routine would be a change. HA

It is way to late for me to be doing this so I will close. By the way... this picture has absolutely nothing to do with what I was talking about but aren't my girlies gorgeous??