Friday, March 14, 2008

stuff and such

Well... it has been a while since I have written and I have much to say and nothing to say. I usually like to have something thought out and really a point to my blog and yet, tonight there is not one.
We have had a busy week.... sewer troubles (on top of the new water line we had run in December)
we are now okay with our output as well..

New monitor... our old one just died... we sort of eeked it along and did this little jiggle thing that Bekah figured out and then one day it just died.

Caleb turned five. He turned five on Thursday, but his party will be tomorrow. It will be a superhero party. I am not nearly as ready as I should be. When the girls were this age, I would stay up until quite late putting everything together. Now, I have the girls to help me. Caleb is at Mom and Dad's and so I will have some time in the morning. The girls worked on costumes tonight. It should be fun. I will post pictures later this weekend.

What superhero should I be??? I don't think I want to wear Wonder Woman's costume...
look later for a picture of what I come up with.

Monday, March 03, 2008

One more thing

Okay... so I didn't post forever and now I can't shut up...
but I like saying what I am thankful for. It has been MAJORLY busy around my house lately and it is EASY to feel tired and run down... so here are a few things I am thankful for

1. R.J. now lets me hold him on my lap... he didn't at first and now he comes to me.
2. The kids are being so super about our new large family. All of the kids are doing well.
Caleb can't wait for R.J. to get home from school. Noah helps Dylan with his homework.
Lexie plays with the girls.
3. Tyson is really a beautiful dog.
4. Sammi and Ann keep calling even though I am so busy.
5. Rexayn is getting remarried and I am so happy for her.
6. James is still working with Dad.
7. Mom and I get to stamp on Thursday.
8. Brian's new job is going well.

Okay... that's it.. I have to get some sleep.

My Guy

My dear friend Ann wrote a bunch of very sweet things about her husband Dave. (Hi Ann, hey Dave!) I thought maybe I would write a few things about my guy too.

One of our friends from high school lost her husband this past week. I can't even imagine how she must feel. Truly, unimaginable. So... I will take a moment to share a little about my guy.

How does one begin?? I love Brian because: or perhaps Brian is great because:


okay... here goes

1. Brian really is funny. Not all of the time and not in front of everyone, but he DOES have a sense of humor that I love.
2. Brian is very smart. Okay... we don't always like to discuss the same topics... but he is very intelligent and I love that about him.
3. He is a really good Dad. Sometimes he is yelly...(not too much) but mostly he is really great with the kids and slightly overprotective. He always has them doing neat things with him in the garage and he wants to help them have the things that they want to have.. that are OKAY for them to have.. but he knows when to say No too. He is a good Dad.
4. Brian is really generous. He totally supports (financially and emotionally) all of my pet projects including when my brothers and their families want to move in!!
5. He is a musician!
6. He is super cute!
7. He thinks I am cute!
8. His faith is strong. He is really involved at church. He shares his faith with his family.
I am really lucky to be married to him.... even all the times he drives me nuts!!
We will have 17 years in August. Wow!

Here is the funniest thing... Brian doesn't read my blog... and won't even know that this is here.
Maybe I will show him.

Oprah as the Anti-Christ

Okay... so Brian says I shouldn't even go there... but here is the deal... Oprah is teaching a class online to bazillions of "viewers". It is very New-agey and very anti-Jesus. It is my understanding, limited though it may be, that she is teaching that there is no sin and no devil and that we should look for the "God" within.

I find this pretty scary for a number of reasons. First of all.... Oprah has been around for 20 years coming into our homes on a daily basis. We know her and accept her. She has come a long way from the "schock and awe" shows. She now does a lot of shows on self improvement and self awareness. Millions and Billions of people love her.

Two, she has power. If Oprah endorses a product it is golden. If she dismisses it... well... I won't say it is doomed to fail but she has had books pulled from the shelves before because of her OPINION of it.

Three... she does lots of "good" things. She really does. She gives away tons of money, she set up the school in Africa, she has the Angel network. How could anyone believe she is not genuine??

Well.... if she is teaches ANYTHING that leads even one person away from Jesus to her new age ideology then she is misguided at the least and oh so possibly so much more. If she were truly Christian... she could be spreading the gospel NOT telling people to be like crystals.. and not bogged down with heavy thinking (or some such nonsense that I read on her website under the first chapter lesson.)
If you are chuckling... stop and think of it.... she has had a long time to be in our consciousness and to gain our trust and to GUIDE people..... She has a responsibility to be worthy of that kind of trust.
I find it very disconcerting!

Okay... enough about that. I will start a new post to talk of other things!

I'm Back... almost

Okay... I am ready to be back blogging after what feels like forever. I think I can get it together enough to be back online.
Possibilities for future blogs:

Oprah as the anti-christ

I am sure there are many more... but I need to write them down as I come to them or else they escape me completely. So.. back to my other work until I can come and share with you.. my faithful and loyal readership of two... three when Joy gets back! ha