Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Code names

I have noticed that in this day of modern technology, several friends have given "code names" to their children so as not to give their real names.(a safety feature) As I write this I am wondering if that means I have to go back and change any and all references of them to their code names?? um no.
I think I will just "Keep moving forward". This is one of my new mottos borrowed from Walt Disney himself! Don't beat yourself up over past mistakes just keep moving forward. I like it!

So.. here we are... I would like to introduce my children.

Prima Dona

Enchant me once again

The song is from Phantom of the Opera and this is what I sing to my lovely girl sometimes!


You make me happy , when skies are gray!

Alright. These are my first two children. I can't figure out how to keep the words centered under the pictures!! Drat. But I will keep trying. It won't let me upload more pictures on this page so the boys will be next.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


As I work with the girls on grammar and writing I become increasingly aware of the need for clarity and precision. Alas, I do not always achieve that goal in my OWN writing. When I said in my last post that I didn't notice this happening with other people what I meant to say was this:

My children, husband, mom and brother seem to give voice to my very thoughts. I do not notice that I can do this with anyone other than my own family.

I did not mean to imply that other people don't do this.. just that I only seem to do this with my own family!

Having said that, thank you everyone for your comments!! I hope you understood what I meant and not what I said. I do think Sylvia, that if you and your sisters finish each others sentences then that is exactly what I am talking about. Pretty cool!!

(I had to edit this post twice just to say what I mean... argh.. just a little humility to help me when I teach the kids!) ha

Monday, March 02, 2009

Can you read my mind??

Okay.. here is the deal... my family and I are really connected. I mean REALLY connected. "Whatever do you mean, Sherri?" Well.. when I think something.. one of my kids or my hubby will say it out loud. Coincidence?? perhaps.. but it happens ALL THE TIME.

Example one: Brian and I were at Lowe's the other day looking for flooring for the bathroom. Anyone who has ever shopped with Brian know how truly excruciating this can be. He loves to shop.. and compare.. and shop and then go home and think about it and shop again.. arrgh!
I was tired. I wanted to go home. I didn't care what kind of floor we chose. Standing there in Lowe's I looked up at my all too cute man and said," Honey, you know what I think?" and he replied.."That I am getting kind of gray." Bingo. I had been looking at him under the fluorescent lights and thought that very sentence. We were not talking about hair or getting old and yet he said exactly what I thought.

Example two: During English today we were doing some of our exercises out loud. The girls were supposed to come up with more descriptive nouns. The answer key of course said that answers would vary. I was looking at the book and thinking the specific words that were listed. The girls named almost all of them. (they got other answers too.. but they mentioned almost every single one listed in the book. coincidence? perhaps..) However, there are a lot of possible variations for some of these words.. but my girlies got almost all of them!

Example three: When Caleb was little (two and a half or three) he was sitting on my lap as I paid some bills at the computer. I was frantically searching for a Discover statement. I didn't say this out loud. He looked at me and calmly asked if I was looking for Discover. How could he know? He was too little to even know what Discover is.

This happens daily at my house. I can also "do" this with my mom and my older brother. (you should see us play pictionary...Mom and I are awesome... we barely have to draw anything )For Brian it works best if he is near me. John...(my brother) well, we have always been "in tune".
He is especially close with my Katie.. she was born on his birthday (something he predicted even though I wasn't due until 12 days AFTER his birthday). When he sends gifts for her birthday he will often have it in paper that coordinates with the theme I have chosen even though we haven't discussed it. He got her a monkey the year she had a monkey party.. again without discussing it.
(He lives in Montana.)

When I read back over this is sounds a bit trivial but if you could just realize how often it happens. Does this happen to any of you? Please tell me it does.

In case you are wondering.. I haven't noticed that this happens with other people. Just my family. Weird?? but kiind of cool too.