Friday, December 05, 2008

Six Word Biographies

I was looking at old blog posts and found the one with six word biographies... and now Bekah is clamoring for one so here goes:

creative, cat-lover, reader, razor-sharp wit, sleeper
kazoo playing, book reading, gum chewer
silliness, unique, logical, creative, talented girlie

We are having a debate here on the hyphenated words. Do they count as one word or two??

artistic, kind, musical, witty, helpful, fairy

I will work on these more later as the girls have now lost interest and drifted off..
fickle.. that could be a word to describe a teen...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Ties That Bind


Family.... we are blessed with family. The family we are born into, the one we marry into, hopefully the one we make (our children and our spouse) and then we have the family we adopt.. those friends who ARE family.
Family is loving someone warts and all.
Family is where you spend your vacation time.
Family is:
Who you call when you want to share news... good or bad.
Who helps you when you have work that has to be done.
Who listens to you tell the same story forty times until you feel better.
Who lets you make a complete fool of yourself and then tells you it will be okay.

I am so blessed with family... of each of the above mentioned variety. For that I am so thankful.