Sunday, May 31, 2009

the girls dressed for Pride and Prejudice

Stuff and such

Well hello,
I hope this post finds you all well and good and ready for summer.
We here in Karptown are VERY ready for summer. Mr. Fantastic has been counting down the days until the pool opens. We are going to swim for Sweet Feets Birthday although I am not quite swimsuit ready as they say. I have friends doing px90... and Brian would love for us to try that.. but I am not sure yet that I can survive it and so I am just trying to be very consistent on my elliptical machine.

My life as a plate is going well. (I am a villager too and I LOVE the MOB song!!.. kill the beast and all of that.) If you don't have your tickets yet... you should get them. This really is going to be a great show.

We have been busy here. We read Pride and Prejudice. (the girls and I) as did a few of their friends and so we had a tea party and viewing of the movie. We watched in its entirety the version with Kiera Knightly and then watched several scenes from the one with Colin Firth. Tonight Katie and I watched Bride and Prejudice which is an Indian (as in India) version. It was quite colorful and very fun.

Also this weekend we went to the Renaissance fair in Muskogee. Mimi helped the girls get their costumes ready and made capes for the boys as well. It was VERY hot.. but we had a great time.

In other news.. our AC died and we have to replace it. RATS. But truly I knew it was coming. I am just happy we made it five years before we had to do it.

Okay.. so that is rather jumbled and short.. but that is what we have been up to. I hope to chat more soon...


Friday, May 15, 2009

This whole plate business

Okay.. so I haven't posted in a while because this whole business of being a plate takes time.
My evenings no longer belong to me.. they belong to directors who ask me to do things I am not altogether comfortable doing. I am in a MUSICAL. (have you seen High School Musical?? You know how Mrs. Darbiss says Mus-i-cal.) Not just a play... no.. I must sing.

When I first got the part I was excited. (humbled, thrilled, scared) Then we started rehearsals and I was quite overwhelmed. I was VERY far out of my comfort zone. I was not sure I was qualified to do the part. Then.. I thought, I will just keep smiling and keep singing. I am in the chorus.. I will blend in. snarf!
Sing boldly they say. Don't worry about making mistakes, they say. (quickly followed by.. don't sing THAT anymore). I am trying. I am smiling. I am singing.

Then we started blocking. Blocking is the term used to tell the actors where to move on the stage. Not such a hard thing. I move practically every day. Surely, I can do that. I can even, sometimes, move AND sing. If any of you have seen my lovely rendition of "Hole in the Bottom of the Sea" you know I can move. Well, even that left me unprepared for what we did tonight.

If you are my friend, you may want to come and witness the spectacle that will be Beauty and the Beast. I sing, and I dance (if you really want to call it that) I smile and I SPIN. Yes.. you read that right. SPIN. It truly is an amazing thing. AMAZING. While our director has these very GRAND schemes and plans I must admit I feel really ridiculous. (All the while smiling and being enthusiastic, of course!) Have I mentioned that of the women in the play, three of us are moms. One mom is older, one younger and all other female leads are about 21 or younger. So.. I am a dancing, singing, spinning plate with a bevy of cuter, younger girls. (and one very tall boy.)

I keep thinking to myself.. what can I learn from this experience? I am not too old to learn. I do think it is a little harder than it used to be.. but I can do it! It is good to be in this position because it is a great reminder of what my kids go through. It is good to remember what it is like to be a student and to not have the edge. I have to rely on others for help. I haven't mastered the necessary skills for this task. I have to practice. (and I do) I have been "in charge" for a long time already. It is GOOD to be on the other side for a change. (uncomfortable.. but good)

Okay.. It is very late and I must rest. I am sorry that we haven't chatted more lately friends. I miss blogging and visiting and stamping and reading books... but this is an interesting journey I am on. I hope to be a better person because of the experience... and I KNOW without a doubt that I will make people smile.. (laugh.. roll on the floor.. gasp for breath... ) I have to SPIN!