Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh and one more thing

Random thoughts on everything:

*I think I may change my blog layout. I don't want to lose my pictures but I don't like the gray background. I like the notebook paper but it would be better if I could add stuff to it.
Wendy, you totally customize your blog. How??

*Trish, I really liked reading about what you are doing. I like the way you write.
I have been having a lazy week. I was supposed to de-clutter two rooms this week, but I have been stamping and reading. My house is a WRECK. The kids are going a little bonkers and don't quite know what to do with their time. They have been playing a lot of piano. I unhooked the table and changed the living room around so they have no t.v. (only movies). Ha
I have a long list of want-to-dos and a somewhat shorter list of have-to-dos.
Now I just need to DO something on each list. I could read and stamp the summer away, but I don't think the kids will go for that. We are to go swimming tomorrow. We went to Koala park today for the first time since they have torn down the castle. The new equipment is very interesting and the kids enjoyed it. I do, however, miss the castle. It was very amazing.

*My brother is coming. Well, my other brother is coming from Montana and is staying at Mom and Dad's for a week. It will be great to see him.

*I really want to talk about curriculum. Is anyone really interested and up for that? I think I tend to get a little boring when I talk about all of my plans and dreams for school.

It is time for bed. Good-night


We had a card swap tonight and it was great. I spent the better part of the last two days making cards and I had a great time. I love to stamp. I love the opportunity to be creative and make something. I love to work with paper because it is inexpensive and quick and easy to work with. I can see results very quickly and have something I can give to someone I care about. We had a great time. Thanks gals.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finally... the beginning of Summer

I realize it is late to be saying this... but I am at last ready for summer to begin.
The kids have finished their camps. We have had a VERY successful VBS that is done! (Can I hear a big Wahoo here.) So... now I am ready for summer. I have eight delicious weeks laying before me with only my own whims and fancies to fill them. What will we do??

1. Swim. I have promised my kiddos that we will swim at least twice a week. Plus this gets me out to my Mom's to hang out which I love to do too.
2. Summer reading program at the library. My boys are the big readers this year... Bekah is too old and Katie has been too busy. I expect her to catch up though!
3. I want to craft and create. This is the year I actually make paper. I have talked about it for 10 years... this summer it becomes a reality. I have a few other projects too.
4. I want to clean and declutter my house. One room at a time~~ (that means two a week)
5. I want to catalog ALL of the books in my classroom.
6. I want to READ.... some fun stuff, some school stuff... I just want to read.

So.... first I will clean the mess my house has become after not being here for over a week to do anything. Then I will box up my brother's belongings. He and the mini-kids have moved on.
Then..... I will plan my days around doing the things on my list. Oh yes... and I WILL find some time for exercise in there too. That is, unfortunately, on my list... but until then.. remember my motto:
Tanned fat looks better than white fat! (it's true. Use sunscreen of course. but it IS true)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Word for the Year: BALANCE

I have a word for the year... or the season, or just one word to focus on until I feel the need to move on. Last year... (or so) my word was surrender. Not submit. There is indeed a difference. In fact,
we use these words to explain some discipline and respect issues to our children.

As children, they must surrender their wills and desires (I want to eat only cookies and cake) to our requests. (That they eat healthier foods too. for example) If they choose not to surrender their own will then we have the responsibility as parents to make them submit. (and can do so with the loss of privilege etc...)

To surrender your will is a choice. In a life of love and service, the chance to surrender comes along quite often. I haven't exactly mastered this completely, but I think I do much better at recognizing when I need to SURRENDER. Surrender in an argument when being right is not really what is important. Surrender my selfish will to stay up all night and read and instead go to bed so I can work in the morning. (okay, if Brian ever chooses to read this... I RECOGNIZE the need to surrender this... not that I always am successful. =P ) We are all called to surrender our own will to God's will. To surrender is not a weakness.... it is a choice and is thereby empowering. Still, it takes practice.

So... I have moved on to my new word. BALANCE. Balance is difficult. Balance is challenging.
Balance is as ever present as SURRENDER. How much is enough and not too much??
The opportunities for balance and the lack there-of....
family time? vs. the mountain of maintenance that owning a home takes
cleaning? vs. every other thing I would rather do... but I MUST get rid of the clutter! I keep thinking that will make things easier.
READING?, time on the Internet? EXERCISE (this I never do... but the mere thought overwhelms me. I can and should do SOMETHING... but I don't have to be a tri-athlete. Have you seen those commercials for P90X??? Somewhere between me and the people on those commercials.. that's my goal .. BALANCE.
Enough extra curricular activities to have my children enriched... but not enough to (literally) drive me crazy and keep us in the car every day.

BALANCE. That is my word to focus on for now. If you have achieved this in your life.. let me know how. I am an unstructured gal who needs structure. I have made every list and chart possible to help me get there. (Just ask Brian. ) They never last long. (Why?? WHY?? I am rebellious I guess. That goes back to SURRENDER though.) Does anyone else struggle with this?

Okay... so, what I can do right now is only what I can do today. Today. Today I can fold laundry and clean out my stamping room. For today that is enough.

I hope that today YOU have balance. Some work, some play and lots of love.