Wednesday, February 20, 2008

6 word biography

Okay... I can't take credit for this... evidently this is the "in" thing right now.. at least that is what one other blogger says... anyhow... the title is self explanatory.

Here is one for me

Family, Faith, Friends, Reading, Stamping;Happiness

Brian might be

Wood, Family, Wood, Faith, Wood, Golf

Noah might be

Always moving, sports, music, computer; exhausting

I will have to work on more.
Made a card tonight. That was fun. Could get some drizzle and ice tomorrow.
more soon.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I am Thankful For:

1. My Faith- it is a true gift
2. Two boys playing with shaving cream in the tub
3. Fresh guacamole and homemade salsa
4. The song "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot.

I couldn't even tell you all of the words from the song... but I have a very strong memory of hearing that song one day when I was a young kid (under 7 I would guess) Mom, John and I were going to the Alpena county fair and we were walking in from the parking lot. I remember the sounds of the rides (the diesel engine sound) and hearing that song blaring on the radios of all the fair workers.
We had to step over the big cables on the ground to get to the main walkway. Whenever I hear that song I think of that day and how excited we were. We were GOING TO THE FAIR. That day held such promise and we were so happy. That is what I think of EVERY time I hear that song. I heard it today.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Things I am Thankful For

1. Dylan got moved into a different class that will better meet his needs and I didn't have to make a fuss. (James didn't either.)
2. My friend Trish.
3. Stamping with my Mom.
4. The cabbage salad recipe from Aunt Louise.
5. My brother playing his guitar for me.
6. Sammi who brings movies and books just cause she knows we are sick.
7. blogging
8. Hugs and kisses from ALL 7 children in my house.
9. I actually exercised for 15 minutes. It isn't a lot... but it IS a start.
10. I got to play with Spiderman today.

Today was an interesting day. The girls are both sick. They have this fever virus that also comes with a sore throat. They are fairly miserable. Noah was the only one who went to play practice.
I am doing a lot of cooking and dishes. Still, as you can see, I am very blessed.

Mom and I are trying hard to adapt an attitude of abundance and gratitude. So I will try to actually jot down some concrete "things" I am grateful for. Once you get started... it is really contagious. Radical gratitude. Being truly grateful for your life. Choosing joy and being a yellow chair.

The story of the yellow chair. Thomas Kincade wrote a book about joy that I only started to read. By now I have distorted the story that I did read, but it goes something like this. If you have a yellow chair sitting on your porch, it IS a yellow chair. In different light it may look white or orange depending on the sun and shadow but it still IS a yellow chair.
We can CHOOSE happiness. Even when bad things happen to us... that may effect our circumstances etc... we can STILL choose JOY. We don't have to let circumstances color us or our attitudes.

I always tell my kids... I choose to be a yellow chair. When the kids want to cheer me up... they draw me pictures of a yellow chair. I don't have one yet... but I may paint one very soon.
A visible reminder that JOY can be a conscious choice. Like gratitude.

Whatever life if throwing your way... I hope you have a yellow chair to sit in.
Know that I am thankful for YOU.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not enough time

It is 10:30 and as part of my "new" schedule I am supposed to be in bed already. I think tonight I may have to stay up until 11:00 to get things done. Dang that artificial light. (from a blog I read that talks about how artificial light has lengthened our days and allows us to work too long!)

Mom, the girls and I are going to Walton Arts Center tomorrow to see Addy an American Girl play. It should be fun. We don't often get to take just the girls. I am taking the boys out to Mom and Dad's in the morning and they will stay with Pop.

I have a whole bit about lent that I want to "discuss".. but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
For tonight I will just say this.... for a long time I have known that we can "choose joy". We can,
we can also train ourselves to be Radically Grateful...(capitalized here because there is a book entitled Radical Gratitude that I want to read.) I want to really and truly work on these two things. I have always been optimistic.(I am a glass half full kind of girl MOSTLY).. I know that I have many blessings... but I want to focus on them more. To put it quite simply... the Pollyanna attitude. But it is even more than that really... it is my hope that if I work on being consciously GRATEFUL then it will become second nature. Gratitude can lead to a feeling of abundance which should then evolve into generosity.

While I do try to be a generous person... we have all met the type of person who IS generous. They don't ACT generously... they just are that way. They are joyful and generous in spirit. They are happy and energized and you feel good around them. That is who I want to be.

Okay... enough. I have more to say but my time is running out and I have to be in bed in 16 minutes and I have to switch over the clothes.
This schedule thing may take a day or two to stick.