Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What we do in our spare time!

Good morning! I want to write a longer post.. I have more pictures to put up too... in the mean time you can feast your eyes on this group of out-laws... beware... they look like a tough bunch!
By the way... at least on my computer.. if you click on the image you can see an enlarged version.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi there!

First off.... how much do you love my new blog background?? Pretty darn cute eh?? And the header.... thanks to Prima Donna for helping me out with that one. She fixed me up pretty well.

I haven't written lately... but we finished up the play. It went rather well and thanks to any of you who came out and saw us. Sunshine was fabulous!! We then had a lovely week in Branson right after the play closed with my folks. Saw several shows and other attractions. It was very enjoyable and we are now getting back to normal as it were.. whatever normal really is!

School is going okay and I am planning a housewide purge of all of the things that we are storing and not using. Perhaps we will have a garage sale??? Maybe... or just one big donation to goodwill!!

I am EXTREMELY upset about the passage of the health care bill. I will comment more later after I have had time to think out what I really want to say about that... while we as Americans can still freely express what we think about that. hhrmm

Had a lovely visit with a friend on Saturday and we went to a flea market.. my FAVORITE place to shop. Got a few treasures. Drooled and dreamed over many more. Found a turquoise and red bait bucket that I LOVED.. but couldn't think of a practical use for it.. so had to leave it there.

Now I am just rambling and so should go. In order to "keep" readers I am supposed to have a purpose for my blog... if I knew what my purpose was... well then.. I would be doing that and not sitting here... hehe Just kidding.

I will try to ponder a more thought out post for you soon. (dear reader)
Good Night!