Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a screaming good time

Katie just had a birthday. She is eleven. We had a luau
party with 7 screaming girls. (literally screaming). They
screamed when she opened a 'cool' present. They screamed as we watched the countdown to High School Musical 2 and then some during the movie.

Caleb never did figure out why they were screaming or how to make them stop. He just covered his ears.

Gogo and Pop, my parents, came to share this wonderful day with Katie. They left before the movie though.. I am not sure they were excited about the screaming.

Common sense says that we could make them stop.. and we tried.. but I don't think it will be long and this stage will have passed. How fun that you can be so excited to be with your friends that you just have to SCREAM.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Too Much Stuff

Today we are working on moving stuff around. The girls are each getting their own rooms. The boys are getting a bigger room and there is STUFF everywhere in my house. But tonight the girls were laughing and giggling and talking together.. their last night together. I predict they will "bunk" together at least on the weekends. They were reading an old diary of Katie's from when she was about 6. Pretty cute.

The boys were playing with the Pooh bears. We have several as I firmly believe that all children should know Pooh. Still... I didn't expect to find the boys playing with them tonight. Much like the Jessie doll on Toy Story 2, the Pooh bears have been cast off for some time and only because I couldn't bear (get it) to let them go are they still here. So the boys had them out for what may very well be another last...

The good thing about Lasts though is that they are usually followed by firsts. First night in their new rooms should be fun and I am so blessed to be along for the ride.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Learning something new

So... I am completely new at this blog thing... My friend Joy reads a ton of them. I am not yet even sure who my target audience is... family, friends.... strangers?? I haven't even told anyone that I am doing this... so, then my only audience is me. Well... I am still trying to make this work. So. let's see if I can add a picture. Okay..Here is a picture of my daughter. Isn't she beautiful?? Let's see how this looks altogether and then I will have learned something new.