Monday, April 08, 2013

Hello again, my friend.

Just returned from book-club at our local library.  Mom and I have been attending off and on for years.  We are "original" members.  I haven't read every selection they have picked but I have read many and a few I would not have read otherwise.  I  enjoy the discussion.  I believe that book-club has helped in my discussions with the kids about their books.  I love peeling back the layers.. starting with basic plot-lines and moving on into character analysis.  Does this character ring true?  Would she really do that?  Would he?  What about the ending?   Plausible?  too neat?  I often find that I have more to say after I have driven home.  Many times I have made that last minute call back to Mom to say just one more thing about the book.

We are critical.  We dissect.  I love it.   It is enjoyable to come together with others who share my love of books and to talk and laugh and think.  Funny that I find it quite challenging to even put together a few carefully worded paragraphs for this blog.  Perhaps with practice, I will improve.  Until then, I plan to keep reading, and laughing, and learning, and thinking as I continue to read good books.

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