Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just the facts Ma'am

So... Brian is going to China.. again! He leaves tomorrow and will be gone for two weeks. He will then come home for a few (4) days and then leave for Vegas. ARGH
He hasn't had to travel since November so I really can't complain (much) but I do miss him so when he is gone!

In other news... we are working, working, working on Prom. AND we aren't finished yet. Need more fish.. gotta order the candy molds.. etc.. etc.. etc.. But.. I think I might actually pull the whole thing off!!

I was sick this week, now Noah and Katie have it. A real head cold and congestion thing with a low fever. Just sick enough to make you tired and it is a bit hard to breathe!! So.. trying to come back from that.

The kids had their play on Saturday night last... it was great! I will post a picture or two soon.
Okay.. I have work so must jet. I really DO want to post more often.. hrm.. gotta make better choices you know!


Griffith Family said...

That whole international travel is a huge deal because he needs time to get on their time zone and then to return to ours. Hard on a body!

Prom- you amaze me! Wow! What a cool experience for the kids. Are you the DJ?

The head cold- just got back from the pediatrician due to an ear complaint from Boy. So much stuff flying around you can't help but get sick. It's awful!! Spring is certainly here.

Love you! Enjoyed the post.

Suzanne said...

I forgot you were doing prom. How fun. Can't wait to see pictures and you again soon!

Wendy said...

Sooo-oooo someday you need to post again! Because I miss you and I miss your updates!
We're planning another Art Night in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted. :)